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PVC door - in modern architecture

Bar shaped plastic (PVC-U profiles):
Summary of PVC-U: Plastic PVC in general has long been used to produce household products and in construction, such as: leather products, plumbing, ceiling, vinyl floor coverings ... with multiple levels of different product categories.


Plastic door technology has been in Europe for so long, but until the 1990s being used in Southeast Asia, and to the late 20th century was used in China and in just a few has become widely popular. In Vietnam, a PVC-U door appeared quite soon, but until the new 1999-2000 door PVC-U products made in Vietnam.
Manufacturing Process: Basically, the process of producing PVC-U doors just over aluminum. At the factory, we produce various plastic bar (PVC-U profiles), from here the door manufacturer to use this plastic with steel suitable shape to enhance stiffness (reinforcement) to the door frame types. The difference in production between the plastic door frame and aluminum windows is that:
• Use the inner steel to increase hardness;
• South consecutive frames at the corners;
• The bar shape with high uniformity and special features for each bar;


Manufacture of plastic shape: To produce the plastic bar, you must use powdered PVC (PVC resin), which is the primary form of PVC, through the process of mixing, incubation with the appropriate additives. Each manufacturer has different formula distribution to the multiple levels of products. Mixed material is heated and extruded through machines, each format bar mold (mold system includes hot and cold mold). Extrusion of plastic will be continuous, it is cut to the appropriate length, usually 4 or 6m/thanh of the.


Colors: Unlike some types of plastic usually gray, primary colored PVC-U is white.
Quality: additive blending technique and different extrusion technique will produce the different quality PVC-U. So to evaluate the quality, not only sensor that needs to know the basic parameters - Reason: bending, limited tensile strength, impact resistance ... In addition, a high-quality plastic stick to the plastic surface is smooth, glossy and hard man to resist dust, easy to clean, color uniformity.


Steel reinforcement: PVC-U has excellent features for application to window frames, however in terms of bending were limited compared to aluminum, iron and so we use steel to increase the bending resistance for window frames, as steel reinforcement. With each format plastic bar will have a suitable steel, typically ice-sheets, roll the shape of U, C, G star to fit the inside of the plastic bar. In production, before welding the corner store, people put steel and bolted fixed between steel and plastic. At the weld steel frames will not only melt the plastic is filled almost hectic inside of the plastic. For high-quality products, reinforced steel bars running the length of plastic, in addition to not ignore the hole where the lock. The bar is located inside the plastic, no more contact with the surrounding environment, but people still paint or coating for stainless steel, hot galvanized steel bar for the highest life expectancy.


Metal accessories: Unlike traditional types of doors, plastic doors with metal accessories is one of the important components, is no worse than other materials. Metal accessories will determine the stability of operation and some of the important features of a door. Unlike plastic and steel, always occupies a certain small proportion of production costs down, metal accessories depending on the type of door, the design and features of the door, cost accounting rate from 20% to 50% of a door, there are individual kits cost up to 70% of the cost of producing one set of doors.
Metal accessories include:
• Hinge kind;
• Lock, lock, key, hands closing, bar, bar brake, sliding rails, wheel slip ...
High quality metal accessories are evaluated through:
• Quality materials, usually made of steel alloy, aluminum plated stainless alloy;
• The synchronization in each kit;
• Operation is stable and can be adjusted as required in daily life;
• Form of beauty, color match the color frames;
To select the appropriate hardware accessories to choose reputable brands in Vietnam such as: GQ, GU, Roto ...


Glass trap and games:
• PVC-U doors is the new generation of line with modern architecture so it will be associated with the use of glass. Currently on the market with all types of glass to meet the requirements for all types of doors, all public works:
• ordinary colorless glass;
• Safety glasses: two layers of glass together, anti-crack and glass not broken (when broken will be broken);
• Glass strength: lens thickness 10ly, 12ly, 15ly or more;
• Glass color types;
• decorations glass: patterned glass or etched glass, lacquer, paint or paste decoration as required;
• soundproof glass, insulated: glass box two or three layers of glass have spaces in between;
• heat-resistant glass: glass laminated against solar radiation, limiting the rays that are harmful to humans and utensils.
• Glass has special uses: anti-bomb, anti-bullet, one-way glass ...
High-quality glass to be transparent or have uniform color, no surface ripples, no errors bubbles. Currently in Vietnam embryo quality glass is largely produced by the float glass plant, such as: Glass Floats Vietnam Venture (VFG - English Japan) and some other imported glass ... manufacturers of safety glass, glass box ... were using embryos from these sources.
• The primary use of glass, but the design requirements, a number of doors can be used as door trap games, door constructions, partitions in the ... Lowland boards are often used:
• Plastic Game once: is the flat plastic plates immediately size 1000x2000mm or 1220X2440mm, the work can be done more fluorescent (floating) or grooves (sink) for decorating needs;
• Timber: Industrial wood or wood natural, easy to work as required;
• Plastic Panel: assembled by plastic bar shape produced by the extrusion method, good quality, low price, but the aesthetics are not high.


Gaskets glass and Gaskets frame:
Unlike the traditional doors, uPVC doors with glass rings and rings on the door and rings on the edge of the door to ensure that when the door is closed there is always two class rings to improve sound insulation, thermal insulation and door smooth operation. The prestigious manufacturer of plastic rings are used against degradation, types of rings have the advantage of:
• Reliability is very high, real Austdoor ® was used from the first hole, 2004 and did not have to replace gasket;
• Flexibility to make larger glass is always close and quiet;
• No fading out the door, easy to clean
• Football, more beautiful than the rubber rings.


The type of nail, screw ...: The screws play a role in the link between components, in a door material: plastic screw fixed bar and steel bar reinforcement; screws for assembly and try hinges, locks, latches, door hand; screws to attach the doors and walls, wall bracket ... the use of nails - screws will fit the door for true quality and safety.
Requirements with nails - screws:
• Family size - screw fit each screw position, each door, each utility;
• Screws must be plated stainless or stainless steel;
• The screws used in production must be able to drill holes (screws with drill) to only start one time is always fixed, screw type for the link very closely and aesthetic;
• For screws used to install doors: base buried in the walls must be made of plastic, not degeneration.