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PVC door - in modern architecture

In architecture, a new generation of uPVC doors, suitable for modern architecture so it will be associated with the use of glass. Compared with the traditional wood or metal door, uPVC doors have many advantages.

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Plastics Pioneers selected in the list of ASEAN Stars

The morning of May 8, 2012, at the Opera House in Hanoi, with the participation of Mr. Vu Bang, Chairman of the State Securities Commission and the leaders of the functional departments of the State Securities Commission, Hanoi stock exchange (HNX) has organized a meeting listed companies in 2012, and officially opened the information Management system business listing (CIMS)

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Plastics Pioneers donated bikes for children orphaned

In response to the "benevolent heart" and "Month of Action for Children" in 2012.On 29/05/2012 Young Pioneer Plastics Joint Stock Company through the Association for the Support of Disabled and Haiphong Orphans organization donated bicycles for 20 orphaned students Ngo Quyen District and Ocean Business District - Hairooms

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